Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting & Coaching, a full service leadership coaching and consulting company, encourages growth in an organization from top to bottom, helping the leaders within that company set clear organizational goals.

A diverse workforce can provide performance excellence when leaders leverage the talent and skills of that diversity. This empowers the workforce to navigate the corporate culture and to be outstanding contributors to an atmosphere of fairness, cooperation, understanding and collaboration.

What are an organization’s strengths? And how can we leverage them? Can we align development of the company and each individual with organizational goals? How can we implement diversity and inclusion in a way that benefits all? These questions can be answered and accomplished through coaching.

As a consultant and coach, I partner and work closely with the client, helping to create a culture of excellence within an organization, within the various project teams. Performance excellence in teams occurs at the intersection of Inclusion, Engagement, Motivation & Innovation. When this dynamic is embraced and woven into the fabric of the organization, performance excellence is optimized.

If you or your organization is interested in promoting diversity, inclusion and need help implementing organizational goals and developing top talent, contact Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting & Coaching today.

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Moving Through the 3 Bs of Growth

In addition to getting an organization as a whole on the right path, coaching also provides insight so that individuals at all levels can take charge of their careers and take responsibility for their growth. Such coaching utilizes unique strengths and talents in focused and innovative ways, benefiting both the individual in their career success and the organization in terms of recruiting and performance success. Individuals want successful careers and opportunities for growth. When individuals take charge of their careers to align their talents and skills with organizational goals and opportunities, it is a win/win for both.

Our coaching technique, or The Leadership Success Factor Process, measures leaders’ current effectiveness to leverage strengths and potential to move their career and organizational success to the next level by promoting clarity through a deeper understanding of one’s personal Beliefs, Behaviors and Blocks (the 3 Bs).

If you are interested in maximizing the diversity of your workforce, creating an inclusive culture and excel as a leader contributing to organizational goals and developing Top Talent, contact Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting & Coaching.

The coaching relationship is an exciting journey that aligns inner awareness with desired outcomes!



Diversity and Inclusion

At Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting & Coaching, we provide a variety of services in terms of setting up and implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. I help organizations, large and small, face the challenges of culturally adapting in a multicultural world.

The five-step process can make this happen, I work with the client to encourage personal growth for individuals to take the action steps to within their company to make a greater contribution to the organizational goals. The goal is to empower each and every individual. By focusing on a coaching initiative, tailoring it to meet unique circumstances in order to support individual professional development, such as the utilization of thought-provoking questions to explore challenges and discover opportunities, employees are allowed to grow in a receptive and culturally sensitive atmosphere.

If you’re interested in coaching for leaders and individuals to create performance excellence in your organization, contact Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting & Coaching.

Inclusiveness Blueprint

The inclusiveness blueprint is much like a strategic plan in that it outlines priorities and actions for achieving organizational goals. It is an action-oriented document, which includes goals, objectives, timelines and responsibilities.

Inclusiveness Committee

The most effective organizations in the area of diversity and inclusion occur when the Inclusiveness Committee or Diversity Council and the Leadership lead and implement on behalf of the organization. Together they ensure success by creating commitment and accountability around achieving the goals outlined within the inclusiveness blueprint.

Education and Coaching

The intended outcome of an educational effort is to align individuals, work groups and organizations with a greater understanding of the dynamics surrounding the primary aspects of diversity that impact individual and workplace performance.


Implementation is the most important aspect of an inclusiveness initiative and is overseen by the Inclusiveness Committee in collaboration with Leadership. This is the point where inclusiveness goals become infused and implemented at all levels within the organization. Inclusion is not a committee responsibility, but rather woven within the very fabric of the organization.


Assessment involves measuring progress the organization has made toward achieving intended outcomes, and completing the steps outlined in
the inclusiveness blueprint. It must be part of the company psyche, an integral part of the organization’s identity.