Rosalie Chamberlain is a consultant, coach, keynote speaker and author on leadership development, conscious leadership, diversity and inclusion strategy, implicit bias, multicultural competency, effective team dynamics, with expertise in helping leaders manage and leverage diverse talent. She coaches leaders and high potential professionals.


  • Conscious Leadership:  Making a Difference One Person at a Time
  • Inclusive Leadership for Performance Excellence
  • How to Build a Credible & Influential Leadership Style
  • Mitigating Implicit Bias in Everyday Situations
  • Stand Out and Shine – Perfect Your Career and Lead with Influence
  • Leadership for Lawyers
  • Generational Diversity
  • Understanding Cultural Dynamics

Legal leadership: a handbook for future success

A manual providing the essential tools to equip you to become a legal leader of the future.

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Three Ways To Eliminate Bias And Create Inclusive Cultures

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Seven Effective Personal Development Approaches Busy Executives Can Use

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Nine Warning Signs Your Corporate Culture Is In Trouble

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The Diversity Agenda: Lessons and Guidance from the Legal Profession

The Diversity Agenda offers effective solutions to those endeavoring to maximize their firm’s potential through the benefits diversification can bring.
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Run out of time to use your leave days – again? Do this.

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The Stewardship Report

Xenophobia: Does Your Fear Bias Your View of the World?

A recent article in the Washington Post, titled Attacks on American Muslims are growing uglier by the day. It must Stop,” prompts me to ask the question, why does this keep happening, and yet escalating instead of getting better?  It seems evident that recent events fuels fears of an unfamiliar culture.
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The New York Times

A Meditation on Racism

What will it take to question the reactions and responses that keep us from seeing the reality of racism? 
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5 Signs Your Firm Will Pass You Over For Partner

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5 Ways To Build Trust When Talking With Clients

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Leveling the Playing Field

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New York Post

I’m on a boat — working

Who says you can’t work where you play? That was the idea behind Coboat, a high-tech catamaran that lets you answer e-mails and schedule Skype calls on the high seas. Click here for the full article.
colorado biz

How to free the great leader inside you

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Onward Nation

Self-awareness + Collaboration = Success

Podcast interview with Stephen Woessner. Listen Here

  • Privilege – University of Colorado Law School
  • Exploring and Understanding the Impact of Implicit Bias, Mile High SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)
  • Conscious Leadership in the Workplace – Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Exploring and Understanding Unconscious Bias and how it shows up in the interviewing, hiring and evaluation process. – Charlotte Association of Legal Administrators
  • Exploring Bias & “Microaggressions” – Turing School of Software & Design
  • Conscious Leadership in the Workplace – Center for Legal Inclusiveness Annual Summit
  • Navigating Unconscious Bias While Perfecting Your Career- CWBA’s Annual Fall Member-Benefit Networking Luncheon
    Claiming Your Value While Navigating Change- CWBA
Cynthia Schwartzberg
LCSW Integrative Psychotherapy, Trauma and Empowerment Therapist

This book gives you tools to dive into what it takes to become a conscious leader—to become part of the change. Whether you are leading yourself another or an organization, each chapter will push you toward a new level of leadership.

Kathy Ramsay
World Traveler, Steamboat Springs, CO

This book makes you think and it will really stick with you because it helps you realize just how much subtle and unconscious bias exists. This book is a must-read!

Elke Säeubert
Xkultur, Leadership & Cross-Cultural Coaching

This book creates a fresh approach to leadership by bringing issues that show up in a leader’s world like fear, diversity, unconscious bias, and authenticity together and to the forefront.

SuSaNi N. Harris
Sr. Director for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, University of Colorado Law School

If you truly aspire to become a conscious leader by strengthening your skills in your workplace, this book provides the tools to help you grow and make a difference.

Caren Ulrich Stacy
Diversity Lab

This book provides a guided journey towards self-awareness—the first step in finding a common ground and shared purpose—that will positively impact each individual who reads it as well as those around them.

Dave Ruderman
Management Instructor at University of Colorado Denver Business School

A topical, practical and hands-on guide for any practitioner of leadership, organizational development, or diversity and inclusion.

Linda Newman

This is a book where the title truly describes what you will find inside, a leader’s guide to be more conscious and aware so that we might make a real difference in the lives of those we lead.

Karen Hester
Executive Director, Center for Legal Inclusiveness

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace really packs a punch. The author does a great job of bringing to your attention those things that affect you and your interactions with others of which you are likely unaware.

Bruce D Schneider

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace is an excellent guidebook for those leaders who want to lead more effectively and achieve satisfaction in their lives and careers.

Female Law Firm Partner

“Rosalie brings a unique perspective to her practice.  She helped me leverage my strengths and her guidance has empowered me to take control of my career as a female partner in a large law firm.”

Kathie Kramer Ryan

“Rosalie is great at helping people reach their potential. As a goal-driven person, I sometimes get tripped up in trying to do too much. Rosalie helps me identify what I really want to accomplish and then together we set achievable goals to get there. She never pushes any agenda. It’s all about me and my…

Coaching Client

“Working with Rosalie has been fun, energizing, educational and fruitful. She has helped me to understand how perspective creates limits; how imagination can lead to opportunity; how habits direct us; and how consciousness can empower new direction. Our discussions have helped me to galvanize my goals in a holistic and gentle way and provided focus…

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time
Leadership comes from within.

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace challenges you to think about how you lead and to recognize blocks and behaviors that impact you and your leadership style. Higher levels of consciousness and self-awareness are crucial to effective leadership, whether leading yourself or others.

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