Conscious Leadership in the Workplace:

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace challenges you to think about how you lead and to recognize blocks and behaviors that impact you and your leadership style. Higher levels of consciousness and self-awareness are crucial to effective leadership, whether leading yourself or others.
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In This Book You Will Discover…

  • Who you are and the messages you are broadcasting
  • What fear has to do with it
  • Unconscious biases and their impact
  • What triggers you
  • How “either/or” thinking stifles the possibility
  • How to leave the ego at the door
  • How to stop the blame game
  • How to claim your authentic power and confidently lead

About the Author

Rosalie Chamberlain is a consultant, coach, speaker, and author on leadership development, diversity and inclusion strategy, multicultural competency, team dynamics and building effective teams, with expertise in helping leaders manage and leverage diverse talent. She coaches executives and high potential professionals.

Rosalie Chamberlain