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Take 5 Steps towards Personal Growth and Development

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As a leader, are you leveraging your own magic? Are you inspiring your team’s capacity for innovation? Do you understand your own biases?

I’m Rosalie. And I am passionate about inclusiveness and helping individuals and organizations align their values and purpose with excellence.

With kindness and collaboration as my tools, and self-awareness leading the way, I coach executives and organizations toward conscious leadership and connect the dots between motivation, behaviors and goals.

With 37 years of corporate and legal experience, a decade consulting on organizational development, I’ve seen it all.  

Rosalie Chamberlain
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Like a prism, my clients have many talents, many sides and many perspectives.
I help them find their light, and let it shine.


I speak to multi-million dollar organizations–getting up close and personal with leaders–about the three-legged stool model, conscious leadership and the
power of bias.

Executive Leadership Coaching

With kindness and intuition, I watch for misalignment between behavior and belief. Then invite leaders to change. Fear is your biggest obstacle.
I’m ready. Are you?

Org Dev Consulting

Diversity and inclusion can be a scary topic. But if you want to get past lip service, increase productivity, bolster engagement and refine your reputation, I can help. Hint: It’s an inside job.

You Might Want to Work with Me If. . .

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    You are a woman. Committed to success. But let’s face it: self-care and work-life balance make you cry. And you’re also painfully aware that you’re not quite showing up at work. How can you maintain life’s demands, but also step into and shine?

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    You’re a male leader, and want to be an ally for female colleagues, people of color and LGBT community members. You’re committed to empowering the underrepresented and increasing inclusion.
    But how?

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    You’re a high-performing woman in a male-dominated environment. Imposter syndrome is plaguing you. Getting buy-in on cultural change is difficult. How can you stand up and get noticed?

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    You’re in the law industry and truly committed to moving the needle on retaining and advancing attorneys who are female, people of color or LGBTQ. You’re tired of the lip service about inclusion. You want to make a difference. Now.

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    You’re a senior executive committed to empowering, inspiring and motivating your team. But right now, it’s not happening. What’s the secret to influence? How can you help them collaborate with sustainability as well as a collective spirit?

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    You’re an aspiring leader who’s interested in evolving. You want more executive presence, better communication, emotional intelligence and confidence. And you know that self-help books aren’t enough.


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5 steps towards growth

5 Steps towards Personal Growth and Development

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by these unprecedented times as we manage with the impact of COVID-19. We will get through this together, and hopefully, we will come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and more aware of and aligned with our individual purposes. While…

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