Helping professionals and organizations excel by identifying patterns, behaviors, and habits through conscious leadership coaching and organizational culture consulting.

As a leader, are you leveraging your own potential? Are you inspiring your team’s capacity for innovation? How strong is your self-awareness?

Here’s the thing — whether on an individual level or an organizational level, gaining a full understanding of what it truly means to be inclusive and equitable is no small feat. It requires deep reflection, genuine readiness, emotional intelligence, and ultimately, an unrelenting desire for real change

That’s the type of work we do here. My goal is to provide a confidential space where you can fully be yourself to explore biases and misconceptions that are clouding your judgment and blocking leadership effectiveness — whether towards yourself or towards others.

An individual’s success and the success of an organization are dependent on one another. It will be a journey, but one that you will never regret going on.

Through my own journey and facilitation of this work, I am convinced that anyone can reach their highest potential once aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Together, we can develop skills, practices, and actions that get you or your organization exactly where it needs to be.  

I have worked with hundreds, (actually thousands through the work of my class facilitations), of individuals with the aim to create an organizational culture that is inclusive and empowers talent to expand leadership to its highest potential. With kindness, collaboration, awareness, and masterful coaching skills leading the way, I coach leaders and organizations toward conscious leadership and connect the dots between motivation, behaviors, and goals.

The Cycle to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself


With 37 years of corporate and legal experience, and over a decade consulting on organizational culture, I’ve seen it all. I am passionate about being a part of creating a higher good, and this line of work allows me to work towards that every single day. When we partner together, you’ll gain practical takeaways and a deeper sense of self-awareness with a compassionate understanding of humanity as a whole.

Here’s How To Take Action Towards Excellence

Transform Your Leadership To Empower Those You Lead

To properly lead others, you must know how to do the same for yourself. Effective leaders must be aware of their own weaknesses, fears, and biases. Fear is surmountable, and you are fully capable of furthering your growth as an individual to deepen your impact on the lives of those you lead. “You can do one of two things with fear: you can recognize that you have it and work to release it, or you can keep it and try to hide from it.” Michael A. Singer

With kindness and intuition, I watch for misalignment between behaviors and beliefs that produce unacceptable results. I offer a new approach to results-based transformation of thoughts, feelings, actions, and desired results. By doing this type of inner work, your output will naturally expand — leading to the overall growth and success of everyone around you. 

A Deep-Rooted Initiative That Will Change The Trajectory Of How Business Gets Done

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging can be hard, intimidating subjects to cover. If you want to get past lip service, increase productivity, bolster engagement, and refine your organizational culture, it will require going beyond your comfort zone.

I specialize in helping workforces within organizations and law firms gain a true understanding of justice, belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion. This leads to true unity within a company, where everyone is making the conscious decision to be an advocate for all.  

Develop High-Performing Teams

Teams have the potential to be high performing. Diverse talent, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences are rich with possibilities of innovation, problem solving, and creativity. Unfortunately, teams don’t always know how to dive in and make this happen. 

Some of the very differences and similarities you have in plain site can get in the way. Personalities, emotional intelligence, work styles, values, and beliefs are some of the places to explore.

You Might Want to Work With Me if…

You are a professional committed to success.
But let’s face it – meeting high demands at work and at home, self-care and work-life integration.
You’re a male leader, and want to be an ally in your organization.
You’re committed to creating change, empowering the underrepresented, and increasing inclusion, and want to learn how.
You’re a high-performing woman in a male-dominated environment.
Getting buy-in on cultural change is difficult. How can you stand up and get noticed?
You’re in the law industry and truly committed to moving the needle on retaining and advancing attorneys who are underrepresented.
You’re tired of the lip service about inclusion. You want to make a difference. Now. Where do you go from here?
You’re a senior executive committed to empowering, inspiring, and motivating your team.
Yet, right now, that’s not happening. What’s the secret to influence? How can you help them collaborate with sustainability as well as a collective spirit?
You’re an aspiring leader who’s interested in evolving.
You want more executive presence, better communication, greater emotional intelligence, and confidence and you know that self-help books aren’t enough. What’s the next step to further your effectiveness?
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What My Clients are Saying

She has helped me to understand how perspective creates limits; how imagination can lead to opportunity; how habits direct us; and how consciousness can empower new direction.”

Working with Rosalie has proven to increase engagement and productivity and I attribute it to cognitive reframing of things. Her excellent efforts are effective on a sometimes-laggard client.”

Rosalie helps me navigate my goals, finding peace, balance and achievement that is true to who I am” “She is my partner in making conscious choices that have opened whole new avenues of personal growth and life achievement.”

We all have an innate reaction to biases. Watch, I’ll prove it to you. 

We all have biases but becoming aware and educating ourselves on how to change is the first step to growth and true transformation. I’m so glad you’re here and hope this encourages you to move forward in your journey to inclusion. 

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