Taking Inclusion and Conscious Leadership to the Next Level

Empower everyone within your organization with an encouraging environment where they feel included, safe, and excited to be a part of the team.

Conscious Leadership Coaching

Rosalie coaches leaders on effectively empowering and maximizing the talent in their organizations through strategies and behaviors that create inclusion. She coaches individuals on how to empower themselves, take charge of their career, stand out and shine.

Keynotes & Speaking

Rosalie develops and facilitates educational programs, including classes on Implicit Bias, Cross Cultural Competencies, Generational Diversity, Privilege and Rank,  and Conscious Leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Rosalie encourages growth in an organization from top to bottom, assisting organizations with developing and enhancing strategies to create inclusive environments that provide the opportunity for everyone to succeed.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting & Coaching, we provide a variety of services in terms of setting up and implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. I help organizations, large and small, face the challenges of culturally adapting in a multicultural world.

The five-step process can make this happen, I work with the client to encourage personal growth for individuals to take the action steps to within their company to make a greater contribution to the organizational goals. The goal is to empower each and every individual. By focusing on a coaching initiative, tailoring it to meet unique circumstances in order to support individual professional development, such as the utilization of thought-provoking questions to explore challenges and discover opportunities, employees are allowed to grow in a receptive and culturally sensitive atmosphere.

Meet Rosalie

Rosalie Chamberlain is the Director of Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting & Coaching. She is a nationally recognized diversity consultant, advising on a wide range of related issues; and a highly skilled executive and leadership coach. She has served as a speaker, facilitator, consultant and coach in the legal, corporate, non-profit and private industries, both nationally and internationally. In addition, she is a writer and frequent commentator on diversity and inclusion, having authored Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time (2016).

Rosalie consults with senior leaders to enhance their ability to be more effective leaders. She coaches individuals and groups on leadership development, team building, dynamic relationships, effective communication, career transitions and professional career goals. She specializes in developing leadership mastery, including identifying potential blocks and beliefs that hinder progress.

What Clients Are Saying…

The students’ evaluation forms make it quite clear that they appreciated the way you handled the topic of “privilege.”  In fact, several wrote that they were curious about the topic, but had concerns about whether the program would somehow make them feel guilty.  They all commented on how you educated them about privilege and then let the students share their own experiences, which they found to be very helpful.  In particular, a few of the students “hadn’t really believed that minority people were still being treated differently, but once they heard what the other students were saying, they believed their classmates.”  And some students even suggested a “follow-up” session where they could “go further in depth and talk about applying the principles to improve the law school.”  I thought that was amazing!!

SuSaNi N. Harris Senior Director University of Colorado Law School
Rosalie is an engaging and insightful facilitator. I had the pleasure of hosting her ‘Exploring the Impact of Unconscious Bias’ workshop for the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. This workshop was thought-provoking, allowing attendees to leave with practical takeaways and a deeper sense of self-awareness. Rosalie would be a perfect addition to any organization’s event or training program.
Cassie Crutchfield Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce

It was a pleasure working with Rosalie Chamberlain to provide a series for nonprofit professionals. Rosalie’s knowledge and expertise is evident in each session presented. She was able to engage participants in meaningful conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Colorado Nonprofit Association www.ColoradoNonprofits.org

“Working with Rosalie has been fun, energizing, educational and fruitful. She has helped me to understand how perspective creates limits; how imagination can lead to opportunity; how habits direct us; and how consciousness can empower new direction. Our discussions have helped me to galvanize my goals in a holistic and gentle way and provided focus for the direction I am taking. She’s terrific!”

Coaching Client

“Rosalie is great at helping people reach their potential. As a very goal driven person, I sometimes get tripped up in trying to do too much. Rosalie helps me identify what I really want to accomplish and then together we set achievable daily or weekly mini-goals to get there. She never pushes any agenda of hers—it’s all about me and how I want to prioritize things in my life. She’s helped me to reach some balance between work and play, something I’ve never been particularly good at.”

Kathie Kramer Ryan Coaching Client

Deconstructing Biases, Building Bridges, Not Barriers

Taking inclusion and dynamic leadership to the next level provides everyone within your organization with an encouraging environment where they feel included, safe, and excited to be a part of the team.

Like any facet of business and life, it can be challenging for an organization to evaluate their own inclusiveness efforts and to fully appreciate areas where they need to improve processes and procedures and explore the role of bias in the effectiveness of the organization’s efforts. It can be tough to fully evaluate when they have been operating with the same sets of eyes; thus, bringing in a consultant can help identify goals and reach desired outcomes, even outcomes that may seem difficult to achieve.

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Leadership coaching is an investment in yourself – in your growth toward maximizing your greatest potential. It allows you to reach fulfillment in your professional career.

With masterful coaching techniques, you can access your authentic self; increase your influence; gain deep self-awareness; and create lasting change.

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