I know you’re busy meeting goals and staffing initiatives. But what about your own development as a leader? Are you evolving? Are you aware of your own bias? What are your team’s strengths? How can you leverage theirs if you’re not leveraging your own?

Executive coaching offers a structured way to work on yourself, bringing your performance into focus and set milestones for the journey ahead. When you leverage your leadership to its highest potential, you’ll empower your team to navigate the corporate culture (no small feat) and authentically contribute to a culture of cooperation, humility, understanding and collaboration.

The result? Organic growth—at an organizational and individual level.

I’m telling you, it can be done. And I can help.

My Approach

Through thoughtful questioning, my coaching style brings AWARENESS by revealing what is possible, uncovers fresh perspectives to discover OPPORTUNITY and provides action steps to achieve SUCCESS.

My Model

As a consultant and coach, I partner and work closely with the client to achieve performance excellence. This occurs at the intersection of  Inclusion, Engagement, Motivation & Innovation.

My Tools

The Three Bs of Growth:
1. Beliefs: What’s the belief? 2. Blocks: What’s stopping you from moving forward? 3. Behaviors: Is there a misalignment between your belief and your behavior? 

You Would Benefit from a Coach if You Want...

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    To be a better model of authenticity and collaboration for your team

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    Some strategies and techniques for managing conflict

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    Are serious about working on yourself

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    To become more aware of your own habits

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    Your communications to have more influence

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    Better employee relationships

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    Tips and tricks for motivating your team

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    To clear the beliefs that self-sabotage your success