Four Mindful Tips for Managing Stress

If you read my previous blog, 5 Steps to Transform Stress, the theory presented that stress is a wake-up call to something going on that needs addressing is not new. Stress is a natural part of life. Sometimes it is…

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Podcast: How to Be A Conscious Leader

Leadership is journey of self-discovery and the better we understand ourselves the more authentic and connected leaders we can be which will help us to be more appreciated by our teams and achieve better results. This podcast featured on Gordon Tredgold’s  FAST…

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Do you get what you expect?

Expectancy is an interesting thing. If you are expecting a negative outcome, you may get what you expect if your viewpoint is narrowed and you are relying on historical experience, early messages or set beliefs. When you begin to notice…

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Inclusion is Everyone’s Responsibility

Diversity is everywhere, and encompasses far more than what we typically think it does. Most often, we restrict diversity to race, gender, sexual orientation or religion, for example. But diversity also includes geographic and socio-economic backgrounds, education, personality, learning styles, communication…

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living fully

Living Fully

What are three things do you need more or less of in your life and career? Meditation sets the tone for the day. I meditate pretty much every day. One of the most beneficial things I get from this practice…

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